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By Oscar C. Robinson

Failure is the fog in which we glimpse triumph

Yet we stand alone in a foggy field

And here we see the true darkness of the world

We turn to our left and see death

We turn to our right and see pain

Behind us we see love

But in front We see hate

We stand alone

We step back

From the ashes of war

We built triumph

We stepped further forward to equality

Hate was eliminated

Chemistry in the form of a pill created love

Freedom fighters die and we rain tears across the world

The people vote for a step back in history

Politicians run from a failing state

Allies vote for racists and rapists

We stand alone

From war together we built greatness, a working world

Now we divide and hide and swear we never wished for our state to be in such despair

Now I lay in bed, eyes closed, darkness surrounding me

I look up and scan the depths of my mind

I stand alone

Yellow stone blows

Pyroclast lays upon the ground

A tear falls upon my cheek

Failure is the fog in which we glimpse triumph

Through failure we build triumph, through triumph we self destruct

I stand alone

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